Anemone bowl

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A blue anemone bowl for fantastic spring sensations

The day must be full of anemone bowls... the blue flowers have here become a small dish made of stoneware. The anemone bowls are perfect for vegetable sticks, sweets, jewelery or small trinkets.

The fine anemone bowl is also a really good gift idea. It could be that you have been invited to a dinner and are looking for a nice and special host or hostess gift? Most people are happy to receive flowers, but why not give a flower that the lucky recipient can keep forever, as a memory of a good evening? At least the fine blue anemone bowl never withers. The anemone bowl has the most beautiful blue colour, and in the middle the anemone bowl is also detailed decorated with purple, green and white colours.

The beautiful anemone bowl can also be a good collector's item for the flower lover. The Anemone bowl is from the Dutch brand &klevering, which has also made many other beautiful flower bowls in different colors and with different flower motifs. Here it might be an idea to combine the anemone bowl with the other plates with other motifs and colours. That way, you can have a colorful set that you can use if you invite your friends for cake and coffee... And you don't have to fight with your guests over the blue anemone bowl, because the other flower bowls are just the same beautiful and colorful like the anemone bowl.

In addition, the beautiful blue anemone bowl looks beautiful in a display cabinet. If you start collecting the bowls, you will be able to have a beautiful and colorful display of anemone bowls and other colorful bowls in your own home.

The Anemone bowl measures 18 cm in diameter and 4 cm in height.

See also the other varieties of flower bowls from &klevering here on the website or in our store in Guldsmedgade.


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