Italian moon jug

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Italian ceramic jug in moon motif

Wow. That's what we said the first time we saw this amazing ceramic jug on an inspiration trip to beautiful Sicily. The fantastic ceramic jug has a very special shape and the most beautiful hand-painted motifs. The pitcher depicts Una Luna - a moon. In addition to being shaped like an alluring moon in the night sky, this ceramic jug is decorated like a beautiful face. It is very classic for ceramics in Sicilian design to reflect the fascination of a lovely woman, and here is no exception. The jug is produced in the contrasting colors white and dark blue. This ceramic jug has a playful and almost theatrical expression that you cannot help but be drawn to. It is the perfect addition to any home. With a moon jug you can set the perfect table and serve mouth-watering drinks in a different type of jug. The decorative details also make it obvious as a vase or simply for decoration - only the imagination sets the limits for a ceramic jug like this.

The jug is 25 cm high.

Made in traditional Italy

At Dims Studio we are proud to add this ceramic jug as part of our range and large selection of Italian ceramics. The jug is directly imported from Sicily to Denmark, just like the rest of the handmade ceramics we import. The products come from a company managed by the second and third generation. This makes ceramics a traditional craft that we are very fascinated by. We think that a ceramic jug fits into every home, and believe that it would match our large selection of hand-blown crystal glass and other home decorations. The unique ceramic jug can also function as a vase, and would work perfectly together with a bouquet of paper flowers from Studio About. For example, this paper flower in blue would be super nice together with the shades of the pitcher.

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