Bracelet with freshwater pearls

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Beautiful bracelet with freshwater pearls from Miss-Cantik

Beautiful earthy and natural colors adorn this bracelet made with freshwater pearls. The pearls vary in size and come in orange, olive green and white tones. Perfect for fall and winter especially where it matches the palette of colors perfectly! If your skin tone is warm or just olive colored, the bracelet is a good match for you. It can of course be used all year round, however you like. The orange color is also reminiscent of the heat of summer and the green of trees and other plants. It only becomes extra natural because the pearls are real and therefore a natural material.

The freshwater pearls are not made on an assembly line following a mould. For that reason, you should expect that there may be variations from product to product. However, the pearls have been specially selected with a view to creating the same expression. So you get the same combination of colors, although the shape and size may vary. Please also note that the colors of the beads may vary slightly from the picture. So it is with different screens and lights.

The extension chain is gold plated and allows you to adjust the length of the bracelet. It fits most adult wrists. If you have very slender arms, you can try wearing the bracelet on the outside of your blouse or shirt. That way you give just a little extra thickness. In addition, the bracelet will be visible all the time and can become part of the outfit in a different way. You can also appropriately match your nail polish, your outfit or your makeup with the colors. There are lots of options to make the bracelet look extra beautiful!

If you need a birthday or Christmas present, the bracelet here with freshwater pearls is a good suggestion. It can be used by most people, and especially if you know someone who loves pearls and warm colors. We are also happy to wrap it for you if you ask us to.

Are you looking for something a little brighter and more exuberant? How about taking a look at the freshwater pearl bracelet in pastel colors? It is also from Miss-Cantik, but has several colors and several different shapes on the beads.

Size: 16-19 cm.

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