Spoon holder with toucan

149 kr

The most beautiful ceramic dish shaped like a toucan!

The fine ceramic dish with toucan decoration is made and hand painted in Italy. The beautiful dish is painted in the finest colors with beautiful details, which give the dish a playful and whimsical look. The funny shape like a Rooster makes the beautiful ceramic dish a unique and funky element. It is therefore absolutely perfect if you want to add a little extra personality to the interior. The beautiful ceramic dish is made to be able to hold a saucepan or frying fork. The toucan can therefore be used as a fun and practical element for the kitchen. But otherwise, only your imagination sets limits on what you can use the unique ceramic dish for. Do you need a place to put your jewelry? Then the funky ceramic dish is absolutely perfect. The charming ceramic dish can also be used with some tealights or a hand soap in the bathroom. If the handsome toucan is instead to stand on its own, it is also absolutely perfect for this purpose. You can also make your own DIY and hang it on the wall with an adhesive canvas hanger. The Italian ceramic dish will undoubtedly decorate your home beautifully, regardless of how it is used.

Italian ceramics at Dims Studio

In addition to the unique ceramic dish, the range at Dims Studio contains a large selection of Italian ceramics. Are you looking for another ceramic dish in a different shape or color? Then you can, among other things, take a look at the cool Asparagus platter or the exotic Banana platter. Are you looking for a beautiful Italian jug? then we also have a wide selection of these. See for example this charming Orange jug or the beautiful Artichoke jug? At Dims Studio you will find a large selection of Italian ceramics in unique and different shapes and colors. If you therefore lack personality, color or funky elements for your home, Dims Studio is the right place to look.


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