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The Cool and Meaningful Conversation Games!

Experience the large selection of SNAK's conversation games that can help start deep conversations or funny stories.

Choose from 12 different variants:

PRESENCE - Focus on presence through this pleasant conversation game. The game consists of a normal card deck with 10 SNAK conversation cards, each containing two questions, interspersed. This means that you choose your favorite card game to play, shuffle and deal the cards, and from there start meaningful, present conversations through the questions on the conversation cards. Recommended for 2-5 players aged 18 and up.

LOVE - It is an art to hold on to the deep conversations in a partnership, but that makes it important none the less! These 110 questions are a great tool to start a meaningful conversation with either your partner or someone you love. Recommended for two players aged 20 and over.

ASK - The conversation game that promises hours of fun with both surprising, crazy and/or deep conversations. The game consists of 55 cards with two questions each - one slightly deeper than the other - with the group deciding which question and which person to ask. Recommended for 2-12 players aged 10 and up.

MUSIC - The perfect conversation game for the music lover, which is about the feelings, memories, experiences and experiences that music can evoke in one's life. The game was developed in collaboration with Carsten Holm and Flemming Møldrup, and is recommended for 2-4 players aged 16 and up.

FRIENDSHIP - Test your knowledge of each other, or become even closer than before! The game contains conversation cards that can start great conversations about experiences and memories, and is a great way to get to know each other even better. The conversation game can be played by two people, but also by the whole group of friends, and is recommended for ages 16 and up.

TELL - The conversation game that both sets the stage for long, deep conversations, but can also easily function as a shorter check-in round. In this conversation game, players take turns drawing a question and choosing between different illustrations to answer it. This often gives rise to surprising and creative answers, where you can both learn more about yourself and your fellow players. The conversation game is recommended from 2-5 players, ages 10 and up.

LISTEN - In this conversational game, attention is paramount and every player will feel heard. One player starts by drawing a tell card that provides an opportunity to tell about a specific experience or experience. The other players draw listening cards that describe the way in which they must listen - e.g. e.g. extra questioning or appreciative in relation to what it is that feels difficult in the narrative. The conversational game is recommended for 2-4 players, ages 10 and up.

LIFE STORIES - Conversation game that can be used as a tool to start a conversation about life lived - whether used with parents, grandparents or even friends. The game contains 55 cards that are divided into 5 categories, and gives the opportunity to start conversations about some of life's most important experiences and experiences. The conversation game is recommended for 2-12 players aged 10 and up.

TEEN & BETWEEN - Conversation game about teenage life and all the new things you have to deal with, which can often make you feel quite alone. Take f. e.g. the game - and thereby the good talks - with in f. e.g. the youth club or after-school, and learn more about both yourselves and each other. Recommended 2-12 players from 12 - 16 years.

DATE - Want to get beyond the date clichés and get where the conversation is going? Then these cards are just for you. A date is good when the conversation is valuable. It's about letting yourself be known by the other and feeling that you want to get to know each other. The DATE game contains a collection of questions to help get this kind of conversation going. The questions are designed on three levels, so that you can always increase the conversation or when you want to slow down or go deeper.

FAMILY - In this conversation game, the focus is on everything that you don't always get to talk about in the family. Conversations are set up about both the good, the hard, the beautiful and the challenging, and the opportunity for many hours of entertainment. The game contains 55 cards with 2 questions each, such as "How is your sense of humor in the family?" and "Which habits do you find difficult to break?" and it is up to the person who draws the card to decide which question to ask. Recommended 2-6 players.

LEST - A conversation game that aims to learn about your own and your partner's desire. The game is a great way to get closer to each other, and includes questions like "When do you feel our intimacy is greatest?" and "What is a good sexual initiative for you?". The game contains 55 cards with 2 questions or exercises each. Whoever draws the card chooses which of the two they want to make their partner. Recommended 2-6 players.

CHILDREN Illustrated conversation cards for children and families with children with room for play, curiosity and security. An almost ordinary deck of cards - which you can use for e.g. e.g. playing fish - all while each card contains either a word or a theme. This could, for example, e.g. be words like 'Nature', 'Disease' or 'Love'. When a suit is collected, the player has four words on the cards to tell based on. The task of the others is to ask questions and help the player to elaborate, without taking over the conversation. When the player has finished telling, play continues until a new player gets a trick. The conversation game can be played by two people or in smaller groups - both among children and between children.

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