Panda blanket - large

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A chubby panda rug from Doing Goods

This adorable panda blanket depicts a slightly chubby panda. It fits well both in the slightly crazy and warm home, but also in any children's room - provided your child likes pandas, of course. But who can't? In any case, this cute case is not up for grabs. There may even be a danger that it is not suitable for standing or stepping on, because it looks so cute and happy. The expressive eyes with black fur around them are characteristic of the panda and are depicted well on the carpet.

In the beginning, the carpet may shed a little, as it is newly produced. Fortunately, however, it doesn't take many vacuumings before the hair stops falling off.

If you don't think that the adorable panda deserves to be lonely and alone in your home, you can suitably buy a mate for it. Doing Goods has a large selection of cute animals in two different sizes. There are the very small ones, which can primarily be used as wall decorations, and then there are the very large ones like the panda here. You can see the many different animal blankets here:

Like all the other animal rugs, the panda rug is made by a family business in India. Doing Goods, which is a Dutch company, started the collaboration with the family and they jointly built a workshop. It is in this workshop that all carpets are made and painted by hand - of course under good and safe conditions, which has always been important to the manufacturer. By buying the panda blanket here, you can support the local community where the Indian family comes from.


The Panda rug is handwoven and painted in India and made from 100% wool yarn. The back is woven from cotton.

Dimensions of the carpet: 150 x 68 x 1.5 cm

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