Lemon pitcher

349 kr

The amazing lemon pitcher

Get ready for the wonderful Danish summer evenings, where your drinks or lemonade can now have their very own pitcher. The fantastic lemon pitcher is simply a beautiful and special piece of craftsmanship that can decorate any table or kitchen.

The jug has the most beautiful details, which make it something very special and very different. The lemons on the jug are very lively and festive. Additionally, the leaves of the lemons make them very real.

The lemon jug can be used for many things besides having a function as a jug. It can also be used for a beautiful bouquet, kitchen utensils or just whatever you want. The jug is so beautiful that it can easily stand on its own and decorate your home nicely.

The very rustic appearance of the lemon pitcher also means that it will look good with a smaller and finer flower. But it can easily work with an equally large and "violent" flower.

If you also thought it was bolder and had tableware unlike anything else, you will love the lemon jug. There may be a little cottage vibes above the jug, which gives festive and cozy associations.

The lemon jug measures: 18 x 13 x 20.5 cm


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