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Italian strawberry jug - Red

399 kr

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The most beautiful ceramic jug shaped like a strawberry!

Add a personal twist to the decor with the beautiful ceramic jug. The unique ceramic jug exudes charm, with its lifelike design and shape like a strawberry. The intuitive colors red and green, which we normally associate with the colors of the strawberry dish, help to make the strawberry jug realistic and nostalgic. The jug is made and hand painted in Italy with respect for old manufacturing techniques, which only makes the beautiful ceramic jug appear even more beautiful.

Are you missing an eye-catching and colorful element to compliment the decor? Then this beautiful strawberry ceramic jug is absolutely perfect. The clear contrasting colors red and green make the vase ideal for creating extra life and personality somewhere in the home. Place the beautiful ceramic jug in an open place where it will come into its own. The jug can be decorated just where you think it fits in. The possibilities are many. Do you lack inspiration? Can the Italian ceramic jug complement as a cozy element for your kitchen or living room. Find a shelf or table where the fine ceramic jug can decorate when not in use. You can advantageously mix the colored ceramic jug with other elements to integrate it into a beautiful whole. See our selected gizmos here. The jug measures 25 cm. In height.

Italian ceramics at Dims Studio

Are you in love with the beautiful ceramic jug? Then you might want to take a look at our new Italian ceramic collection. In the assortment you will find everything from the most beautiful fruit ceramics to fine fish jugs and unique Italian Testa Di Moro vases. The beautiful Italian ceramics has existed since 1965 and is today managed by a third generation. All ceramics, like the fine strawberry ceramic jug, are made of high quality and hand-painted by skilled artists with respect for old techniques. The manufacturer's slogan is "nothing too much", which fits perfectly into the universe of Dims Studio.

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