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Leopard head blanket

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Decorate your floor with the beautiful leopard head rug.

Do you love leopards as much as we do? And do you also love to include the beautiful leopard spots and the leopard's beautiful expression in your decor? Then this beautiful leopard rug is guaranteed to be just the rug for you.

The leopard rug is a great choice if you are going to spruce up your home decor. The leopard is an animal that in many ways can help to give your decor a different and wild look. The combination of the beige shades and the beautiful dark spots, which at the same time give associations to the wild animal, makes the leopard an ideal opportunity to add some more life to your decor.

The beautiful leopard rug is handmade, and then the leopard rug is something completely for itself with its unique and very lively expression. The size of the leopard rug gives it a very special intensity, which will bring the beautiful large leopard rug to the center in most rooms. For example, if you place the leopard rug in the hallway or in the living room, the rug will be one of the first things you see. If you have a room that you think lacks color and life, the leopard rug is therefore a good option to use in your decor. At the same time, the Leopard rug is a rug that the vast majority of guests who come to your home will notice and remember as a unique and beautiful twist. The leopard rug is thus a real showstopper, and it can fit into almost any room that lacks an exotic spice.

The leopard rug will also work ideally in the children's room for animal-loving boys and girls, and will be able to contribute to a lot of fun and play.




Wool, cotton


101 x 100 x 2 cm

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