Duck - porcelain figure

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The most beautiful porcelain duck as a wall hanging!

The fine porcelain duck is specially selected by Dims Studio. The wall hanging is manufactured at a porcelain factory in Italy. The wall hanging is shaped like a duck. With its beautiful colors and fine details, the beautiful duck gets a vivid and realistic look. The porcelain duck measures 23 cm. In height.

The charming porcelain duck exudes charm and personality. The beautiful wall hanging fits into most homes. The porcelain duck can hang as an element on its own or in combination with other elements. You can style the beautiful porcelain duck as you see fit, so that it gets the look you want. If you lack styling ideas or inspiration for where the fine wall hanging can be hung, we give you some tips below.

Styling inspiration 

Are you looking for something that can spice up the home a little extra? Do you have a wall that needs an extra touch? Something in the eye that is both unique and beautiful? Then the beautiful porcelain wall hanging is a good idea! The fine porcelain duck can hang by itself, above the bedside table, on a wall in the living room or even in the kitchen. With the wall hanging's design, shape and colors, it can easily hang on its own. If you have a picture or poster wall, it can also be implemented as part of it. You can advantageously hang the beautiful wall hanging in between the pictures on your picture wall, to add a more 3-dimensional look to the wall. Do you lack inspiration for posters? Then the adorable wall hanging will go well with the beautiful poster Hilma by Klint art print. The poster contains beautiful color shades that match the wall hanging. If you are into slightly more striking colours, the fine poster the eye can also be combined with the fine wall hanging. See our large selection of beautiful colorful posters here for more inspiration. If you are missing frames, you can look here.

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