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Frameless acrylic frame from Studio About

It is no secret that we are happy with the delicious products from Aarhusian Studio About. Their new collection of framed acrylic, Frameless, is incredibly beautiful and gives you many options in your interior design. This frame is available in the colors smoke and clear.

The frames can of course be hung on the wall, but are also very elegant if they hang freely in the room on a string. The acrylic frame is an easy and different framing that has a great visual effect - preferably in a mix with other types of photo frames and art.

Use the Frameless frames with the delicate Papercuts from Studio About, designed specifically for the beautiful frames:




FRAME DIMENSIONS:  347mm x 500mm


COVER: transparent 3 mm acrylic (with anti UV)

BACK: transparent 3 mm acrylic

SUSPENSION: 2 pcs golden chicago screws (the screws are hollow with space for suspension)

The frames form a natural passepartout around your motif, and therefore provide flexibility to experiment with unconventional shapes and motifs.

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