gizmo studio is a colorful universe with beautiful gizmos and fine finds for you and your home. We keep an eye on trends and make them our own to let opposites meet and inspire greater freedom and creativity in interior design.

The store is full of things that make us happy. From noisy vases and glitter decorations to a more stylish vase and delicious organic wine gum. In addition to our own interior brand gizmo, you will meet a number of well-known, lesser-known and unknown brands from which we have hand-picked the best items. A little - but good - of each.

In the animal world, there is one animal in particular that we feel kinship with. Flamingo. The fascinating creature with a pink plumage that dares to make noise in the landscape in all its goddamn strangeness. Happily free from speculation that pink is not exactly the color of the season.

In dims studio everything is allowed.

Anne and Kim are married and they are the couple behind dims studio. Anne is particularly fond of quirks and flamingos, and she is the creative soul of gimmick studios. Kim is more fond of Exel sheets and funky posters. Bertha is the pet egg of the whole gizmo studio, and she happily accepts customers, treats and loving pats.