Make a personal photo wall

Although the classic picture walls are beautiful, you can sometimes miss that they seem a little more personal. Maybe you have wondered before how you can really make your own mark on a gallery wall? How to make it unique?

Of course, you can use personal photos - of your family, pets and friends - but there are also many other things you can do.

Below you will find a good handful of tips and tricks on how to create a personal photo wall.

Put everything you like in a pile

It may sound a little violent to gather everything you like together. Nor does it need to be taken so literally. Of course, you have to take into account that it is something that can be hung on the wall - but which is not necessarily a picture.

For example, it could be figurines, masks, small rugs or decorative plates. Common to these things is that they can break the square frames that automatically come with a classic picture wall. It helps to create dynamics and can also give the wall a kind of 3D effect. Most important of all, of course, is that things matter to you - do you in a good mood and that can make the picture wall personal.

Collect it continuously - and then sort

Remember that you do not have to find everything that needs to be hung on the wall right away. It is actually a good idea to gather things together continuously as they appear in front of you or in your thoughts. Write behind your ear that there is no list of facts when it comes to a picture wall. What feels right today may not do so in half a year. It's okay to change over time. This is how it continues to feel like something that suits you.

Once you've been together for some time, you can spread all the things out on your floor or on a large table.

Find a recurring theme for your personal photo wall

Is something catching your eye? Remove it.

If it looks like a thing or two does not fit in at all with the rest of your collection, remove them.

Often you will definitely find that there is a common denominator among the things you have put together over some time. It either happens subconsciously, or you have consciously been aware of it.

A theme could be a dominant color, a natural element or perhaps a specific animal that goes again. In any case, you will probably be able to see an item that goes back and sets the agenda.

Out on the floor with it (again)

Once you've sorted the items you want to hang on your personal photo wall, you're ready for the next step.

Before you start drilling holes in your wall, it is a good idea to visualize the picture wall. You do this by laying out all the pictures and cases that you want to hang up on the floor. Now you can move around the different elements until you get the look you want.

One tip is to take pictures from above so you can see it from the angle you would see it if things were hanging on the wall. Then stand up on a chair or a ladder, stretch your arms and take a picture with either your camera or your smartphone.

Eye-catching in the golden section

Do you have a large picture, an extravagant plate or something else that really stands out from the rest of the crowd?

Take that element as a starting point and place the others around it so that it acts as the golden ratio. It could, for example, be a poster that the gaze would naturally land on first.Maybe because it has strong colors or a captivating motif

Starting with the golden ratio can also be a good idea if you have difficulty deciding how things should hang in relation to each other.

Pay attention to the room and its furniture

Of course, there are spaces that are better for picture walls than for others. In the bedroom, it is usually nice to be quiet, and therefore one should be careful with strong colors and slightly crazy motifs. Is it in a room where you stay for a longer period of time, or perhaps an entrance where you move on quickly, you can make the personal picture wall a little wilder.

Look around the room. Is there furniture you should take into account? You need to be able to lean your head back on a sofa, and if you want to hang something on the wall behind the TV, make sure it does not interfere when the TV is on.

Also remember that the picture wall should not necessarily be where one's gaze naturally seeks when sitting down. Maybe it's better to hang things up on a wall you're primarily looking at when you enter the room, just so your eyes can rest too.

Annemette Moesgaard has really thought space into her picture wall. The vase on the shelf becomes almost part of the picture behind. We also love the potted plant on the wall.

Plants as part of the image wall

Signs, paintings, masks and everything else can make your picture wall personal…

… but what about plants?

Dried flowers and hanging plants that grow further and further down can give your picture wall (or exhibition wall) some life. You can try an ivy or a small bunch of your favorite flowers, which you dry and hang up.

Mix styles

Streamlining exists in different levels. If you really want to put your unique stamp on your wall, you can advantageously mix styles. Something modern, something rustic, something festive… as long as it makes you happy and it fits the overall theme, there are no limits to how much you can experiment!

The personal things make the picture wall unique

When you need to collect things for your picture wall, you can take a walk in the caches. Maybe you have an old drawing or a crocheted napkin from primary school. Maybe your children have made something that has a special place in your heart - even if the aesthetics are not so streamlined and nice. On the other hand, it is these completely unique things that really give the picture wall personality.

Let it spread organically - there is no list of facts.

We have already mentioned that you should not be pale to use plants, different formats and styles on your wall. The advantage of not keeping everything square and stringent is that it looks like the gallery wall is spreading organically. It's also what makes it possible to update the wall as often as you like.

As we also mentioned before, there is no fact list when it comes to your personal picture wall. Just as you develop yourself, it is natural that the wall does too.You can always change something if you become dissatisfied

Gallery shelves or pictures on the floor

Do you live for rent and do not want - or are allowed - to drill holes in the wall for every single thing? Get yourself a gallery shelf where it is easy to move things around. You can easily use small plants and figures anyway. The gallery shelf can also be good in a room where you want to keep calm, while at the same time getting a little more personality into it.

You can also choose to place pictures in different sizes on the floor - for example next to a bedside table or a pedestal. There are plenty of options for creating a personal photo wall, no matter how you live.

Stuart Eminson has chosen to mix the use of the floor with his picture wall. The large wristwatch on the wall also helps to make it very special for him and his personality.

Personal picture wall: summarized

There are obviously many things you can do to put your personal touch on your photo wall. To make it a little more manageable, we summarize here in five steps the most important points:

1. Collect all your favorites.

Everything that can be hung on the wall must be collected in a pile. It can be anything from masks to plants and small figures - and of course also pictures. As long as it matters to you.

2. Find an overall theme.

It can be a continuous element of nature, a pattern or a color. Typically, there is something that dominates in your collection and that is what sets the agenda. Sort clear extensions from.

3. Visualize your wall on your floor.

Lay pictures, plates and everything else on the floor. Place the things in relation to each other as you would hang it on the wall. That way you avoid drilling holes that should not have been there.

4. Pay attention to the room and its furniture.

Of course, it is important to take into account whether there is a need for calm in the room, or whether a lot can happen on the wall. Also remember to include furniture in the equation. That way, you do not end up banging your head into a mask behind you while sitting in the armchair.

5. There is no fact list.

You can always switch and add things if you feel like it. Maybe your nephew is drawing a cute drawing for you that you need to have hanging. Just as you evolve over time, so does your wall.